Starlets Dance, Music & Singing Group for all toddlers who walk with confidence…

and their grown ups!

It’s the ONLY class that is just as much FUN for the grown ups as the little ones!

Bringing dance and fitness and families together!

⭐️ Bringing YOU, the parents, the chance to foster within your little one a LIFELONG LOVE of dance and exercise.

⭐️ All whilst you have FUN and share QUALITY family time together!

⭐️ Building greater family bonds; developing and enhancing all aspects of learning in your little one, being active and finding your ‘happy’ within dance…is the best GIFT for all of you!

So what is Starlets?! (Classes and @Home)

Starlets is proud to have maintained its market position for 21 YEARS due to its MAGIC formula and delivery. Unique at its inception, we still believe there is no other class like it!

⭐️ Starlets is a stimulating & interactive class, for grown ups and toddlers to enjoy TOGETHER…run by Sue, long time teacher and dancer.

⭐️ We utilise the widest range of music genres throughout the set…from the expected children’s favourite nursery rhymes, action songs, Disney & party tracks, to Ballroom, Pop, Country & Western, Latino, Hip Hop, Rock, Motown and many more!

⭐️ All actions are delivered in an easy and accessible way…encouraging both led movement AND creativity…and to simply just LOVE dancing to the music!

⭐️ Starlets is a professionally structured programme that encourages and supports toddler development…but you and your little one will be too busy having the best fun to notice any of that!

⭐️ There aren’t really words to describe the Starlets magic…you just need to try it for yourselves! (check out some of our past and current members’ comments).

Starlets@Home – The Video Class

Starlets’ mission of bringing dance and fitness and families together is even more important during Covid-19!

Starlets Dance, Music & Singing Parent and Toddler Group is currently ONLINE only as Starlets@Home, during the pandemic…

Starlets@Home is a unique and exciting pre-recorded weekly video class for 1-4 year olds AND their families…and it has now been LAUNCHED by Starlets to come directly to YOU in your living rooms! 🚀🚀🚀

Starlets@Home is
⭐️ Accessible all week, any time
⭐️ For one weekly payment
⭐️ At the click of a link!

…so you can fit it into your day; your way!

About Starlets@Home

Hello! and Welcome to Starlets@Home – a unique and exciting video class for 1-4 year olds (and their families!), delivered by Sue, long time dancer and teacher.

Starlets@Home is the ONLY parent/carer & toddler delivery that is just as much FUN for the grown-ups as the little ones!

You all get to have a great time, exercise and learn something new whilst you spend quality, unstressed, time together.

We love creating your weekly video for you…and we hope you will love it too!

With Starlets@Home your child will learn:-

⭐️ To be confident, expressive and creative

⭐️ To improve their co-ordination and balance skills

⭐️ To develop posture, timing, speech and memory

…all whilst they foster a love of exercise and dance through engaging in a rewarding, fun and quality ‘together time’ activity!

Encouraging a love of music, song and dance at a young age is a GIFT to your child which will stay with them throughout their lives and give them added confidence in many work and social situations.

What happens in the video?

⭐️ We deliver the same energy, vibrancy, enthusiasm and professionalism on the Starlets@Home video that has represented our real life Starlets classes since it was founded in 1999…

⭐️ It’s just like having your own party… @Home!

⭐️ Dance & Exercise Fun for You & Your Little One!

⭐️ ONLINE 30 minute VIDEO class; available anytime, every day, at the click of a link!

⭐️ Fit it into your day, your way!

⭐️ NEW video class released EVERY WEDNESDAY @ 10.30am!

⭐️ Book by TUESDAY for a full week’s access

Starlets at Nurseries, Pre-Schools and Childcare Settings

⭐️Starlets are proud to provide FUN dance fitness sessions for all pre-schoolers in childcare settings

⭐️Starlets sessions tick the dance AND Physical Ed boxes of the Early Years curriculum

⭐️Our unique programme includes 3 options

In Person only delivery sessions

A weekly pre-recorded video class available at the click of a link for use in your setting and for you to make available to your families at home

Both In Person delivery and a weekly pre-recorded video class link

Starlets strives to give EVERYONE the chance to dance, irrespective of barriers.

View a short sample video of class content here:-

Please do give us a call if you would like to find out more about bringing Starlets to your Early Years setting!

Starlets Parties

Our Starlets parties are full of all your little one’s favourite Starlets music, dances and activities…bespoke style!

Our parties will be available again as soon as covid restrictions allow, including outside.

Warning!  Your adult guests will be expected to join in also…just like at a Starlets class!  And of course, older children will love it also!

Contact Sue for package options and prices.

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