A lifetime passion for Dance…

and an understanding of the value of dance way beyond it being just another activity,

has led Katy Barrow, Founder of SOSA Dance Fitness and Seated SOSA,

and Sue Wilson, Creator of Starlets Dance, Music & Singing Group (for parents & toddlers)

to create this Community Interest Company.

In the moment of engaging in Music & Dance – mind, movement and music becomes one.

Life issues and stresses fall away, supporting and sustaining Mental and Physical Health.

A lifetime of experience…

We have four fully inclusive long time established, and still currently active, dance/fitness programmes that are suitable for all ages, providing a fun way for community groups to keep active, incorporating 37 international dance styles.

This project will aim to provide free fully-funded dance activities, with the same health and wellbeing benefits as the existing programmes.

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The Programmes

Our SOSA Dance Fitness programme is a low impact and high energy dance class for adults and girls, suitable for all ages and abilities; encouraging and promoting health, well being and body confidence through dance.

Simply SOSA is a ‘supported’ dance programme, providing adaptations for those with balance issues, who are able to stand, but feel more comfortable with the aid of a chair, crutch or frame acting as their ‘dance partner’.

Our Seated SOSA Dance Fitness programme is designed with special considerations and adaptations for all levels of ability and ranges of movement with special considerations for older adults, those with long-term health conditions, disabled participants and ANYONE who for one reason or another, is not able to stand to take part in a dance class.

Our Starlets pre-schoolers programme, is specifically designed to promote all aspects of early years development, including coordination, control, speech and memory, as well as enhancing and channelling confidence and creativity. Most importantly, this programme is for the parent (adult) and child to engage in together – building and strengthening family bonds through quality, unstressed time in a shared activity and fostering a lifelong habit and love of exercise through dance. Bringing dance and fitness and families together.

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Mission Statement

Enabling Accessibility, Inclusivity and Affordability of our existing dance programmes to vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community.

Company Aims

SOSA & Starlets Community Interest Company will target and reach out to individuals who do not currently take part in regular fitness activity, due to factors including disadvantage, illness, financial pressures or domestic issues.

Our aim is to reach vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community, positively impacting on their lives and nurturing physical, emotional and psychological health, tackling inactivity, obesity and social isolation.

We will provide fun dance activities that delivered in such a way to break down the three main barriers of participation in regular activity; affordability, inclusivity and accessibility.

We seek to give our target demographics the opportunity to access our programmes, free of charge, via our existing online portal or delivering classes in person as and when is required/beneficial.

Our project will target these community groups in their homes, workplace, social, community and residential care settings, to benefit participants’ well being, health outcomes and aid recovery.

Our overall aim, using our unique and innovative approach, is to give EVERYONE the chance to dance irrespective of the lifestyle and personal barriers they face.

We seek to deliver our 3 specialised programmes of dance/fitness services to:-

– Pre-school children age 1-4

– Women and girls

– All adults who are currently inactive

– Older adults

– Those with long-term health conditions

– Disabled participants

– Injury/rehabilitation (GP referral) clients

The Benefits

Our SOSA Dance Fitness programme was created for anyone who loves to dance but doesn’t have a dance partner or the confidence to go it alone. SOSA is low impact and high energy, suitable for all ages and abilities. We want to empower all adults who are currently inactive, to get up dancing and have FUN!

Simply SOSA, is our newest programme, which has been recently developed as a new element to our programme delivery, for those with supported mobility or who simply require the extra support of a chair, crutch or frame to assist with their balance.

Our Seated SOSA Dance Fitness programme provides special considerations and adaptations for all levels of ability and ranges of movement, making it inclusive for EVERYONE who for one reason or another, is not able to stand to take part in a dance class.

Our Starlets programme reaches out to the parent and child, teaching both the adult and child to join together in a shared dance-based activity.  They engage and learn together, experiencing positive active time together, in a stress-free delivery, improving the parent and child communication and building family bonds, that may not otherwise be possible to achieve in their normal daily life.

The Delivery

The project aims will be achieved by the individuals ability to access an established online portal, giving free access to the programme/s, and/or to be able to access in person a class where is necessary and beneficial.

Sport England ‘Tackling Inequalities’ Funding

This fund exists to help to reduce the negative impact of coronavirus and the widening of the inequalities in sport and physical activity.

Tackling Inequalities Fund was created with £20 million of National Lottery funding to help reduce the negative impact on activity levels in these under-represented groups, with a specific focus on:

  • Lower socio-economic groups
  • Disabled people
  • People with long-term health conditions.

We are absolutely delighted to announce that SOSA & Starlets Community Interest Company has been awarded funding by Sport England to support their Tackling Inequalities Funding project.

Our project remit specifically targets older and vulnerable adults, those with long-term health conditions and disabilities and those recovering from the effects of Long-COVID, following the pandemic.

We will be delivering this project via on-demand services on our website, and with live online and face-to-face sessions.

As part of the remit, we will be developing a specialised ‘falls prevention programme’ to assist older/vulnerable adults with regaining core strength and balance.

The project will also create additional content for care home staff, carers and activity coordinators, to develop understanding of the concept and building confidence on how to facilitate dance sessions, which gives the project longevity should COVID restrictions continue in vulnerable settings.

Contact Us

SOSA Programme

✉ katy@sosastarletscic.co.uk

☏ 07715 252524

Starlets Programme

✉ sue@sosastarletscic.co.uk

☏ 07940 781881


✉ office@sosastarletscic.co.uk

☏ 07944 650665