Introducing Simply SOSA Dance Fitness!!

Simply SOSA Dance Fitness has been created especially for those who are able to stand for a dance class, but require the additional support of a crutch, frame or a chair for balance… to act as their ‘dance partner’!

This exciting and innovative new programme has been in development since June 2020, during COVID lockdown, specifically created to provide the ‘middle ground’ between our SOSA and Seated SOSA Dance Fitness programmes, and with a primary aim to make dance accessible to those suffering the long-term effects of Long-COVID.

We have been trialling this programme with several large organisations, and within our current instructor base nationwide, in various community/care settings, as far as COVID restrictions allowed.


From those who are fully able bodied with our main SOSA Dance Fitness programme, those who require seated exercise with our Seated SOSA Dance Fitness programme… and now, those who require supported exercise, with our brand new Simply SOSA programme!

Simply SOSA Dance Fitness uses the same ethos as SOSA, and Seated SOSA Dance Fitness, as an authentic international dance class incorporating 37 dance styles from around the globe.

Simply SOSA has been created for all ages and abilities, specifically adapted for those with balance issues.

There are many reasons why people may require extra support or a balance aid during exercise, especially older adults, those with long-term health conditions and disabilities.

However, this also includes anyone recovering from injuries, recent surgery, and as part of a physiotherapy, rehabilitation programme and requiring a re-introduction to exercise.

Background & Endorsements

We understand that it is extremely important and beneficial for those who are able to stand to take part in a dance class, to be able to continue doing so.

Our Simply SOSA programme, is the next level of progression and development from our Seated SOSA Dance Fitness programme, but with a different target demographic in mind.

There are currently over 120 Seated SOSA instructors in the UK, and Europe, who are already trained to deliver the programme, running established regular weekly classes.

Our company vision, is that every Seated SOSA Instructor will now also be able to offer Simply SOSA Dance Fitness classes in their local community, in order to broaden the range of participants that can attend their classes… making the programme accessible to as many people as possible.

Inclusivity is at the forefront of everything we do at SOSA, and we are so proud and delighted to have been awarded funding from Sport England Tackling Inequalities Fund to progress and develop our Simply SOSA Dance Fitness programme in leaps and bounds over the coming months.

We have already joined forces with ActivLives, a charity who run incredible activity day care centres for older/vulnerable adults, to trial and develop Simply SOSA, as part of an incredible ‘falls prevention’ programme in their local communities.

We are also currently working alongside Middlesbrough Council, in conjunction with NHS North East England, as part of a long-term project to reach those suffering from the effects of Long-COVID, with Simply SOSA and Seated SOSA, as a re-introduction to exercise and activity.

Sport England ‘Tackling Inequalities’ Funding

This fund exists to help to reduce the negative impact of coronavirus and the widening of the inequalities in sport and physical activity.

Tackling Inequalities Fund was created with £20 million of National Lottery funding to help reduce the negative impact on activity levels in these under-represented groups, with a specific focus on:

– Lower socio-economic groups

– Disabled people

– People with long-term health conditions.

We are absolutely delighted to announce that SOSA & Starlets Community Interest Company has been awarded funding by Sport England to support their Tackling Inequalities Funding project.

Our project specifically targets care homes, creating new content designed specifically for those with long-term health conditions and disabilities, and for a specific falls prevention programme in Suffolk for their older/vulnerable adult day care centres.

We will be delivering this project via on-demand services and live sessions.

The project will also create additional content for care home staff, carers or activity coordinators to develop understanding of the concept and building confidence on how to facilitate the sessions, which gives the project longevity should COVID restrictions continue in vulnerable settings.