SOSA Dance Fitness

At the heart of our world and our SOSA family is the one, the only and the original dance fitness class – low impact and high energy!

We begin each class by going straight into a beautiful dancer’s warm-up to prepare your body for what follows next… as you dance around the world with a playlist and combination of routines that is as unique as you and your instructor, from our special SOSA choreography hub.

You could be dancing everything from an Argentine Tango to a Brazilian Zouk, a Cha-Cha-Cha to a Viennese Waltz, Salsa to Jive, Calypso to Quickstep, Rumba to Rock n’ Roll… plus many, many more!

And, because it’s SOSA, you just as easily be dancing to iconic songs sung by the legendary likes of Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Tina Turner, Ricky Martin and The Jacksons, to the most beautiful authentic Latin beats, right up to today’s hottest artists like Mark Ronson, Clean Bandit, Ed Sheeran, Daniel Santacruz and Marc Anthony – all in one class!

Your SOSA Dance Fitness instructor will walk you all through the key steps before dancing each routine, so you’ll start learning and developing your technique right away. Then, every time you SOSA after that, you will feel yourself getting more into the rhythm of the dance and that you’re achieving more out of every beat!

Each and every step that you take, along with arms and body styling, is authentic to the original dance style – with a sassy SOSA twist. There are plenty of progressions and adaptations throughout the class too, so that everyone – from beginner to the more experienced dancer – gets the best SOSA experience.

At the end of the class, we dance to either one or two gorgeous cool-down tracks, depending on the pace and length of your class (45mins to one hour) with lots of wonderful slow dance stretches to relax your muscles and make you feel good long after it’s all over… until the next time!


So… are you ready to SOSA with us? Then find your nearest class now!

If you’re a dance teacher or fitness professional who would love to run their own classes, check out how to become a SOSA Instructor and get started straight away and book your training course today!

Seated SOSA Dance Fitness

Seated SOSA Dance Fitness has been created to be fully inclusive, so that EVERYONE can take part in SOSA Dance Fitness classes.

Using routines that are adaptable for all levels of abilities and health conditions, with special considerations for older adults, Seated SOSA Dance Fitness is an authentic International dance fitness programme with a cross genre approach.

  • Authentic Dance Moves – All choreography is designed to stay true to the authentic technique of each dance style… just in a CHAIR!
  • Fun-packed – Set to a soundtrack of fun & catchy dance tunes to get you singing as well as dancing!
  • Promotion of wellbeing – Improve your posture, coordination and cardiovascular health… while meeting new friends! Seated SOSA will work wonders for your general happiness and wellbeing!
  • Fully inclusive – Adaptable for all degrees of abilities and health conditions, aimed at inspiring older adults to be more active

Every routine is broken down into easy-to-learn sections which can be delivered at different speeds and levels of difficulty, providing a safe and effective workout for everyone to enjoy.

#NoBoundaries #NoLimits

If you’d like to try Seated SOSA, you can check out your nearest class now!

And if you’d love to teach this amazing class – as well as our main SOSA Dance Fitness class, you can read all about our Instructor Training or get started straight away and book your training course today!

Simply SOSA Dance Fitness

Simply SOSA Dance Fitness has been created especially for those who are able to stand for a dance class, but require the additional support of a crutch, frame or a chair for balance… to act as their ‘dance partner’!

This exciting and innovative new programme has been developed during lockdown, because we understand that it is very beneficial for those who are able to stand to take part in a dance class, to be able to continue doing so.

We have been trialling this programme with several large organisations, and within our current instructor base nationwide, in various community/care settings for the past twelve months.


Simply SOSA Dance Fitness uses the same ethos as SOSA, and Seated SOSA Dance Fitness, as an authentic international dance class incorporating 37 dance styles from around the globe.

There are many reasons why people may require extra support or a balance aid during exercise, especially older adults, those with long-term health conditions and  disabilities.

However, this also includes anyone recovering from injuries, recent surgery, and as part of a physiotherapy, rehabilitation programme and requiring a re-introduction to exercise.

#DanceFor Everyone

If you’d like to try Simply SOSA, you can check out your nearest class now!

We are currently developing an Instructor Training Course, which will be endorsed and accredited by CIMSPA, so you can train to teach this amazing dance programme in your local community.

Please contact Katy Barrow, Founder of SOSA Dance Ltd, to register your interest in this training course.


Starlets is a stimulating & interactive dance class, for grown ups and toddlers to enjoy TOGETHER!

We utilise the widest range of music genres throughout the set…from the expected children’s favourite nursery rhymes, action songs, Disney & party tracks, to Ballroom, Pop, Country & Western, Latino, Hip Hop, Rock, Motown and many more!

All actions are delivered in an easy and accessible way…encouraging both led movement AND creativity…and to simply just LOVE dancing to the music!

Starlets is a professionally structured programme that encourages and supports toddler development…but you and your little one will be too busy having the best fun to notice any of that!

You all get to have a great time, exercise and learn something new whilst you spend quality, unstressed, time together.

Your child will learn to be confident, expressive and creative, improve their co-ordination and balance skills, develop posture, timing, speech and memory

…all whilst they foster a love of exercise and dance through engaging in a rewarding, fun and quality ‘together time’ activity!

Encouraging a love of music, song and dance at a young age is a GIFT to your child which will stay with them throughout their lives and give them added confidence in many work and social situations.

There aren’t really words to describe the Starlets magic…you just need to try it for yourselves!

Starlets is proud to have maintained its market position for 21 YEARS due to its MAGIC formula and delivery. Unique at its inception, we still believe there is no other class like it!

If you’d like to try Starlets, you can check out your nearest class now!

We are currently developing an Instructor Training Course, which will be endorsed and accredited by CIMSPA, so you can train to teach this amazing dance programme in your local community.

Please contact Sue Wilson, Founder of Starlets, to register your interest in this training course