SOSA Dance Fitness Instructor Training - Pre-Course Activities

Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm welcome to SOSA Dance Fitness. We are delighted that you have chosen to become an instructor and ambassador for our company, and very excited for our dance fitness future together.

Complete Learner Application Form

Please can you download and complete the attached Learner Application Form and return as soon as possible. You can complete on the computer with a virtual signature, there is no need to print out.

Download Learner Application Form here

Please also supply a photocopy of your highest level qualification with your application form. You are only required to submit a photocopy of one of your qualifications. You may bring this with you to your Training & Assessment Day if you do not have an electronic copy. Please also email a copy of your CV (if you have one).

Please email to

Read Pre-Course Activities & Assessment Instructions

Please read the SOSA Dance Fitness Pre-Course Activities and Assessment Instructions carefully before you begin your pre-course learning tasks.

SOSA Dance Fitness Pre-Course Activities & Assessment Instructions

Read Training Resource Manual

You are required to read the SOSA Dance Fitness Training Resource Manual before you attend the course and complete an Online Theory Assessment on the basics of dance and fitness.

Download Training Resource Manual here

Complete Pre-Course Online Theory Assessment

In order to complete your Pre-Course Online Theory Assessment, please log-in to Classmarker using your personal log-in details which have been emailed to you.


The Pre-Course Online Theory Assessment includes multiple choice and open questions. Please ensure you read all of the instructions carefully before you begin. The pass mark is 70%, and contributes 30% of your total mark. The assessment is timed, and cannot be submitted until every question has been answered.



You will receive email notification of your final mark within 48 hours of completing your assessment. You will also receive a Certificate of Achievement. If you do not meet the required pass rate first time, you will be given a second attempt.

*Please note – Classmarker is an automated electronic scoring and marking system, and is very sensitive to any variation in spelling, punctuation, case and format. Every theory assessment is also graded manually by our Assessor so please do not be alarmed if you think you have answered a question correctly and the system marks it as incorrect, as this will be rectified during the manual grading process.

Learn Solo Salsa Assessment Routine

You are also required to perform a set Solo Salsa Instructor Assessment Routine as your final practical assessment, which you will need to learn before the day 

You are encouraged to practice this as much as possible and add in your own sass and style! We will be looking for a good knowledge & understanding of timing, rhythm, co-ordination, accuracy, styling, cueing and verbalisation, interaction with your group and how they respond to you and your overall teaching ability. This is nothing to worry about, and I do not expect your technique to be perfect, I just want to see that you are enthusiastic and engaging for your participants. You are welcome to perform this routine either facing or backing your participants, so please stick to what you would normally do (please remember if you are facing your participants you will need to perform everything in ‘mirror image’ leading with your left foot so that your participants lead with their right foot).


Practical Assessment Routine – Assessment Conditions

Solo Salsa Assessment Routine

Songs: Happy, Mambo No 5, God Her, Tequila

Artist: Megamix

Click here to download Routine Breakdown pdf file

Click here to download MP3 music file


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