Your Solo Salsa Assessment Routine

You are required to learn and demonstrate a Solo Salsa Instructor Assessment Routine as your final practical assessment, based on the video featured within this module.

When planning your practical assessment video, please ensure you have 2-3 participants in the class with you, so that we can assess how you teach and how your participants follow you.

Please remember that this is a requirement for you to be able to submit your video successfully as part of this course.

Video Tutorial – 27 minutes

Recommended Practice Time – 2 hours

You are encouraged to practise this routine as often as possible, most importantly so that you can confidently present your personality, sassiness and style – as well as delivering a great routine!

We will be looking for good knowledge and understanding of timing, rhythm, co-ordination, accuracy, styling, cueing and verbalisation. Also, we’ll be assessing how you interact with your group, and how they respond to you and your overall teaching ability.

Do remember that we do not expect your technique to be perfect, we just want to see that you are enthusiastic and engaging for your participants.

Please make sure you and your participants are in full view of camera at all times.

You are welcome to perform this routine either facing or backing your participants, so please choose whichever position you would normally teach from in your own classes. Please remember that if you are facing your participants, you will need to perform everything in ‘mirror image’ leading with left foot so that your participants lead with their right foot.

Please download and read our Practical Assessment Instructions document carefully, as this will tell you everything you need to know about completing your practical assessment.