Submit your Solo Salsa Practical Assessment

Congratulations on completing your Practical Assessment Routine video, which means that you have now – almost – finished your SOSA Dance Fitness Instructor Training Course!

To submit your video for grading, please click on one of the buttons below to upload your video, using either DropBox or WeTransfer.

Please share your video with us at

If you are unable to successfully send us a video assessment for any reason, please do not worry. You can email us on and we can arrange a Skype call to assess the routine with you instead.

Have you completed your Checklist?

Just to be absolutely certain that you have completed all elements of the training course, please carry out one final check using your Online Training Checklist.

If you are unsure if you have completed all the modules, please email us at and we will be able to check the progress on your account and advise you straight away.

Complete your Learner Self-Evaluation Report

You are required to complete a Learner Self-Evaluation Report following your practical assessment routine, to evaluate your own performance and outline any specific points for your self-development and improvement.

To submit your completed Learner Self Evaluation Report, please email us at

Complete your Course Evaluation Form

Please complete a Course Evaluation Form to let us know what you thought about this SOSA Online Instructor Training Course. We genuinely welcome your honest feedback as we are always looking to improve our services – and obviously love to hear when we get it really right too!

Please email your completed Course Evaluation Form to us at

Congratulations – you have completed your SOSA Dance Fitness Online Training Course!

You will receive your final assessment grade within the next 72 hours!

In the meantime, please read our Completion Process document as this will explain the final process between completion and becoming a qualified SOSA Dance Fitness instructor.

Again, thank you for choosing SOSA Dance Fitness – we look forward to your joining our SOSA family very soon!