The SOSA Story

Founded by acclaimed international dance teacher, Katy Barrow, SOSA Dance Fitness was created to bring a really fresh, fabulous and accessible style of dance class to the world of fitness.

Katy began trialling SOSA Dance Fitness classes back in November 2012, working tirelessly to perfect the programme before officially launching to the fitness and dance industry in February 2015.

Until then, there was nothing for the thousands of women who love to dance – salsa, latin, ballroom and other international dance styles – but maybe didn’t have a dance partner or the confidence to go it alone.

Now, SOSA has changed all that, teaching authentic dance steps and body styling in one fantastic fusion of dance and fitness.

SOSA represents everything you want from your favourite fitness class – easy-to-learn choreography, fantastic songs and soundtracks, a great welcome, friendly atmosphere and a fabulous, fully qualified/insured SOSA instructor who makes you – and everyone else – feel good!

There are no barriers to stop you getting SOSA fit either. You absolutely do not need any dance experience, or even to have attended a fitness class before.

SOSA is designed with beginners in mind, and our routines will get you up and dancing, having fun straight away.

There are plenty of progressions to keep experienced dancers very happy too! In fact, SOSA is at the forefront of a dance movement to bring everybody into one fully inclusive class – embracing all ages and abilities, shapes and sizes, faiths and cultures.

Our classes are high energy but low-impact, making them suitable and safe for all fitness levels – and we walk through the dance steps for each routine first, so you’re never left struggling at the back!

We are incredibly proud of our dedicated new Seated SOSA class, launching this Autumn, which takes our commitment to inclusivity even further! Our dynamic new class concept enables those with all degrees of ability, including seniors and those requiring exercise referrals, to join in the fun of being a part of the SOSA family.

There is, we’re thrilled to say, a lot of love out there for SOSA Dance Fitness classes around the UK, and you don’t have to take our word for it! Just take a look at what real women say about SOSA…

You can watch videos of some favourite routines too, to see how we shimmy, shake and sing along at SOSA… And if you’re just one small step from joining in, you can find your nearest SOSA Dance Fitness class right now!