Put the FABULOUS into your fitness!!

Learn the most amazing dance styles from all around the world…

Without the need for a partner!


At the heart of our world and our SOSA family is the one, the only and the original SOSA Dance Fitness class.Β Our programme covers 37 international dance styles, teaching you authentic steps, arm and body styling movements, with fun-packed routines to a soundtrack of fabulous songs to get you singing along too!

We created Seated SOSA Dance Fitness, and Simply SOSA Dance Fitness, to embrace our philosophy of being TRULY INCLUSIVE.Β 

Accessible and adaptable for all levels of abilities, with special considerations and adaptations for older adults, those with long-term health conditions, disabilities, GP referral/rehabilitation clients and Long-COVID patients.

Our Starlets programme, was created for parents and toddlers, to enjoy fun family time together, and foster a life-long love of dance and exercise into your little ones!

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We are proud to be endorsed and affiliated with companies and groups who are as passionate as we are about dance being inclusive for everyone!
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